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December 18th, 2014

FAO in the Field – Students Share Their Perspective

University students share their contributions and experiences working with FAO in the field. Read their stories in the FAO Washington Blog! It is sure to expand our understanding of the breadth and intricacies of FAO’s work at the country level,...

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December 4th, 2014

2015 International Year of Soils

The UN has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. FAO estimates that a third of all soils are degraded, due to erosion, compaction, soil sealing, salinization, soil organic matter and nutrient depletion, acidification, pollution and other processes caused by unsustainable...

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November 13th, 2014

Accelerating the Impact of South-South and Triangular Cooperation on Food Security in Post-2015

FAO will host a session on “Accelerating the Impact of South-South and Triangular Cooperation on Food Security Post-2015.” We will showcase compelling, innovative and concrete South-South and Triangular Cooperation initiatives that have been tested and disseminated in the global South.

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October 27th, 2014

The State of Food and Agriculture 2014

The State of Food and Agriculture 2014: Innovation in family farming analyses family farms and the role of innovation in ensuring global food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. 

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October 2nd, 2014

World Food Day Call to Action - #ToastAFarmer

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September 22nd, 2014

World Food Day discussion: Family Farming in the 21st Century

FAO North America and National Geographic are teaming up to host an event on Family Farming in the 21st Century in Washington, DC on October 22nd, 2014. Find out more information and RSVP here. 

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September 16th, 2014

The State of Food Insecurity 2014

The latest FAO estimates indicate that global hunger reduction continues: about 805 million people are estimated to be chronically undernourished in 2012–14, down more than 100 million over the last decade, and 209 million lower than in 1990–92. 

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August 4th, 2014

FAO Provides Mid-Year Overview of Humanitarian Assistance and Appeals

The FAO Emergency and Rehabilitation Division published its mid-year overview of FAO’s participation in 15 humanitarian appeals. It highlights critical challenges facing agriculture and food security, priority actions to address those challenges and related funding requirements in places like South...

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