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Food Security and Agriculture face major challenges under climate change, in terms of expected negative impacts on productivity as well as implementation of sectoral actions to limit global warming. Agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise – although not as fast as emissions from other human activities. Better national data on emissions from farming, livestock-raising, [...]

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By Stephanie Gandy, graduate student at Auburn University The 2014 Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) Summit is an event where participants gather to share best practices and inspiration, in addition to listening to world-renowned keynote speakers. It is going to be an incredible time and YOU should be there! Why? Because the Summit gives you [...]
Last December, Oxfam published 23 essays from expert contributors each day for two weeks in an online discussion blog. Just recently, Oxfam compiled these essays into one final report. The organization found that while experts hotly debated on some issues, they also resoundingly agreed on others.
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