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Submitted by Sunhye Park, Communications Intern, FAO’s Liaison Office for North America, Washington, DC One in six Americans don’t have enough to eat. If hunger in America still conjures up a “depression-era image of the unemployed scavenging for food,” check out this eye-opening article from National Geographic’s The Future of Food Series in which three photographers have [...]
by Lívia Pontes, Communications Intern, FAO’s Liaison Office for North America, Washington, DC The FAO North America Liaison Office, on July 14, hosted a briefing on the upcoming Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) jointly organized by FAO and WHO. Anna Lartey, Director of FAO’s Nutrition Division, presented an overview on preparations for the conference [...]

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Summer is the season of exhibits. Among them, some are entertaining, some are educational, and this one will surely touch your heart. An integration of photography and storytelling, the new exhibit will pay homage to the families working every day to feed the world. The “Born to Farm” Exhibit premieres July 18-27, 2014 in the [...]
PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANGIE MCPHERSON Baskets of locally grown potatoes were on display at a farmer’s market in Maryland. By Mary Beth Albright for National Geographic This article was originally published on July 14, 2014 by National Geographic. Can I interest you in consuming a more nutritious and tastier diet without changing the kinds of food [...]
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