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Even though the world produces enough food to feed all its nearly 7 billion inhabitants, hunger and malnutrition remain the plight of close to 1 billion people.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Concerned citizens can and do make a difference. Here are a few suggestions for ways you can help.

Stay informed

Perhaps the first and easiest step you can take is to keep yourself informed. Visit the FAO homepage for information on a range of topics or consult our statistics on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, water and land use and more. Get the latest from FAO’s online Media Center or visit the sites of our partners in the fight against hunger. An informed public can play a big role in bringing about change.

Speak up

To make progress in the fight against hunger we have to get political leaders to commit time, money and resources to the cause.To do that we have to let them know the issue of global hunger is important to us. Ending hunger is possible, but only if we can generate political will and transform that will into effective action.

Write or call your elected representatives and urge them to support or introduce legislation to defeat hunger.

Demand that world leaders take action against hunger by signing FAO's online petition and encouraging others to do so.

Get involved

Many organizations in the U.S. and Canada are working to defeat hunger and malnutrition worldwide. The list of WFD USA National Sponsors can provide a starting point for discovering committed, interested persons working with hunger issues in your community. Or, join the Alliance to End Hunger in their efforts to build the public and political will to end hunger.

As the FAO Liaison Office for North America, we are committed to working with these organizations and supporting their efforts. Visit our partnerships page to learn more about ongoing collaborative initiatives to end hunger.

Looking for other ideas? Check out the Ending Hunger website and join the growing movement of people working to bring about change.

Donate now!

Find out more about how you can contribute to FAO’s TeleFood campaign or make a donation. Money raised through TeleFood pays for small, sustainable projects that help small-scale farmers produce more food for their families and communities. Funds are used exclusively for the provision of physical inputs. No proceeds are diverted to cover administrative costs.

Your contribution can help provide seeds, tools, starter livestock and simple irrigation equipment to poor farmers. With just a small amount of money, you can make a big difference!

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