FAO in North America


Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals towards ending hunger, poverty and realizing prosperity for all will require concerted efforts from all stakeholders. Towards this end, the FAO Liaison Office for North America establishes partnerships to advance food and nutrition security and promote sustainable and inclusive food systems.

How to Partner

The Liaison Office for North America provides opportunities for different actors to get involved in ending hunger and all forms of malnutrition. We partner with diverse stakeholders based in Canada and the United States including governments, multilaterals, think tanks, civil society, academia, research centers, the private sector and philanthropic foundations. Our office also serves as a point of entry to connect external stakeholders with experts and technical divisions based at FAO headquarters in Rome and in our field offices around the world.

Our partnerships focus on a broad range of activities and thematic areas, case examples include: co-hosting congressional briefings with partners like the Alliance to End Hunger; research project on sustainable food systems in the context of urban and territorial planning with the State University of New York - Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo); and roundtable discussions on Integrated Landscape Management with Eco Agriculture Partners. By partnering with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and CARE Canada, we aim to increase FAO’s engagement with stakeholders in Canada. By collaborating with private sector institutions such as Grocery Manufacturing Association and the National Restaurant Association, the Liaison Office for North America is contributing to global efforts to reduce food waste and loss. 


“The partnership between EcoAgriculture Partners and FAO North America has been important to EcoAgriculture Partners’ mission for nearly a decade. By working together to convene leaders in the food security, development, and conservation fields in Washington, D.C. at our bi-monthly Landscape Roundtables, we’ve advanced the holistic thinking and cross-sectoral work in these fields that is so critical to the future of our planet."

 -   EcoAgriculture Partners

“IDRC works with like-minded organizations worldwide, in the shared belief that knowledge can be used as a tool for addressing pressing global challenges. Through joint partnerships with FAO North America, Global Affairs Canada, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, and others, IDRC is developing, testing, and scaling up innovative solutions for better food security and nutrition across the Global South.”

 -   International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

“Our partnership with FAO North America seeks to increase awareness among U.S. policymakers and the wider policy community of current global food security trends, the importance of long-term agricultural development, and the United Nations leadership role in this space. We convene experts, government officials, academics, and the private sector to discuss cutting-edge agricultural and nutrition development issues through large public forums and private roundtables.”

-   Center for Strategic and International Studies Global Food Security Project

"We are thrilled to partner with FAO to celebrate, mentor, and reward student storytellers. Vimlendra and FAO are leading the way in investing in young people, and helping tell the stories of - and reveal the solutions to - how we feed a growing, changing planet.”

-  Frank Sesno, Founder and Chief Executive, Planet Forward

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