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Nearly one billion people in the world are deprived of adequate food. No single person, government or organization can solve a problem of this magnitude acting alone. Only by sharing knowledge, pooling resources and working together will humanity bring an end to hunger.

In North America, FAO’s partners include the Canadian and US governments, private foundations, academic institutions, grassroots organizations, companies, professional associations, other United Nations agencies and more. FAO works in partnership with others on food security, natural resource management, forestry and fisheries, early warning of food emergencies, disaster recovery, food safety, bioenergy and many other areas.

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Meet Molly Achieng, a 13-year old schoolgirl from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The United Nations World Food Programme first got to know her when she agreed to take part in a filming project designed to give viewers insight into the life of a teenager in Mathare, one of the capital’s largest shanty towns. If ever there were an example of the potential in children from poor backgrounds and the need to nurture it, Molly is it.

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ICT Update magazine is looking for articles their forthcoming issue on "Agricultural research and ICTs" - how ICT ideas come up through agricultural research, how ICTs are used to generate agricultural knowledge, exchange knowledge and disseminate it.

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