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October 2000
From agricultural education to education for rural development and food security: All for education and food for all

How do Education For All and Food For All strategies interact? Why has international assistance to agricultural education declined? How can we move forward? These are the main topics addressed in this report.

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October 2000
Solar photovoltaics for sustainable agriculture and rural development by B. van Campen, D. Guidi and G. Best
Environment and Natural Resources Working Paper No. 2

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have shown their potential in rural electrification projects around the world, especially concerning Solar Home Systems. With continuing price decreases of PV systems, other applications are becoming economically attractive and growing experience is gained with the use of PV in such areas as social and communal services, agriculture and other productive activities, which can have a significant impact on rural development. There is still a lack of information, however, on the potential and limitations of such PV applications. The main aim of this study is, therefore, to contribute to a better understanding of the potential impact and of the limitations of PV systems on sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD), especially concerning income-generating activities. It is, in fact, of paramount importance to identify the potential contribution of PV to rural development in order to gain further financial and political commitment for PV projects and programmes and to design appropriate PV projects. One of the main lessons learnt through this study is that success of PV programmes is significantly enhanced when an integrated strategy is followed. Solar photovoltaic systems, through their flexibility in use, offer unique chances for the energy sector to provide "packages" of energy services ...

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October 2000
The energy and agriculture nexus
Environment and Natural Resources Working Paper No. 4

Energy has a key role in economic and social development but there is a general lack of rural energy development policies that focus on agriculture. Agriculture has a dual role as an energy user and as an energy supplier in the form of bioenergy. This energy function of agriculture offers important rural development opportunities as well as one means of climate change mitigation by substituting bioenergy for fossil fuels. This report focuses on the challenges and opportunities of advancing modern bioenergy technology, in general, and on the technical, environmental and economic benefits of the energy function of agriculture, in particular. This report has been prepared as a contribution of FAO to the 9th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development to be held in April 2001 and its follow up, which is expected to accelerate the global move towards more sustainable energy systems.

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September 2000

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March 2000
Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems for Rural Development (AKIS/RD)

A group of technical staff of FAO and the World Bank concerned with agricultural education, research and extension - and their integration into rural development systems - worked together towards the development of a Strategic Vision and Guiding Principles for AKIS/RD. The AKIS/RD vision document, presented in this article, is intended as a vehicle for sharing ideas and principles

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