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Climate risk Special: Agroclimatic concepts
Agroclimatic concepts: Introduction

Prepared by R. Gommes,
Senior Agrometeorologist, Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN),
FAO Research, Extension and Training Division

This Special describes key basic concepts pertaining to climate in agriculture.

  • Risk
    • Risk definitions: A basic discussion of climate risk and vulnerability applied to agricultural production
    • Risk management: What can be done to reduce the impact of climate variability on agriculture? What are the fundamental differences between developing and developed countries, as far as climate risk is concerned?
  • Impact
    • Losses: A quantification, at the national and global scale, of the losses actually suffered by agriculture due to climate variability

    Note: This Special is also available for downloading as a Powerpoint presentation (zipped, 31K) and a Word document (zipped, 55K)

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