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Crop Insurance
Crop monitoring
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Frost protection
Response farming
Methods and tools

Agrometeorological and remotely sensing data can provide information in respect of a wide range of applications such as: estimation of potential productivity of a region and comparison with the actual productivity; inventory of natural resources such as length of growing period, water availability, water, solar and wind energy, biomass, and their spatial and temporal variability; identification of new crop management techniques and agrometeorological strategies for improved application of information on the climatic factors and their annual variability; planning land management projects on the basis of climate and soil patterns to improve the utilization of natural resources, limit the constraints of adverse conditions; planning of farming practices.

Communication to farmers
Agrometeorological information, used for decision making, represents part of a continuum that begins with scientific knowledge and understanding and ends with evaluation of the information. <more>
Crop Insurance
Crop insurance is normally purchased by farmers to protect themselves against crop failures due to natural disasters, such as floods, hail, and drought. Crop insurance may also be subsidized by the government. <more>
Crop monitoring and forecasting
Analysis of meteorological and climatic data allows to provide near real-time information about the crop state, in quality and quantity, with the possibility of early warning on alarm/alert situations so that timely interventions can be planned and undertaken. <more>
Frost protection
The goal is to provide to the farming communities of a better understand of freeze protection and to develop strategies to combat crop losses due to freezing. <more>
Response farming
Response farming focuses on water and its management at farm level. <more>
Methods and tools
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