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Agrometeorological information, used for decision making, represents part of a continuum that begins with scientific knowledge and understanding and ends with evaluation of the information.
Scientific knowledge and understanding transcend national borders, cultures, and societies. Other components of this continuum are the collection of data and transforming data into useful information. Information has value when it is disseminated in such a way that the end-users get the maximum benefit in applying its content.

International workshop on farm radio broadcasting.
Meteorological services and farmers in Africa: Is there shared meaning?
RANET: Radio and Internet for the Communication of Hydro-Meteorological and Climate-Related Information
Communicating agrometeorological information
FAO/WMO AGROMET-L agrometeorology internet conference
2006 - Agrometeorological Bulletins Tips [39 kb]
2000 - Communicating agrometeorological information to farming communities [85 kb]
1997 - FAO’s experience in the provision of agrometeorological information to the user community [123 kb]
International workshop on farm radio broadcasting. “What Can Modern Agricultural Meteorology do For the Subsistence Farmers?” [100 kb]

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