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Methods and tools
Crop monitoring and forecasting2004 - AGROMETSHELL Manual - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
AgroMetShell is new tool developed by FAO SDRN that provides a toolbox for agrometeorological crop monitoring and forecasting. It is a user friendly tool with a “visual menu” that offers easy access to some of the most often used functions..
Crop Monitoring Box (CM Box)
CM Box User Guide
ADDAPIX: Pixel-by-Pixel Classification for Zoning and Monitoring
ADDATI: A Package for Exploratory Data Analysis
AGROMETSHELL: Integrated package for crop yield forecasting
CLIMWAT: Climatic database to be used in combination with CROPWAT (AGLW)
CPSZ: Crop Production System Zones of the IGAD Sub-region
CROPWAT: Calculations of crop water requirements and irrigation requirements (AGLW)
Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements (AGLW)
Effective Rainfall in Irrigated Agriculture (AGLW)
METART: Remote sensing imagery, agrometeorological data, tools and information
WINDISP: Map and Image Display and Analysis Software (GIEWS)


SDRN - Agrometeorology Working Papers
SDRN - Environment Publications

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