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Health aspects
Side-effects of environmental change that can impact upon health and well-being, include hygro-thermal stress and increased levels of air pollution, the modification of natural ecosystems that may have repercussions on agricultural production and hydrology.
These changes may in turn affect the geographical distribution and celerity of propagation of vector-borne diseases, as well as the equilibrium between a number of other infectious and non-infectious diseases. In addition, if climatic change were to be accompanied by an increase in the intensity and frequency of heat waves, cyclones, floods, or drought, these would compound the effects on human health.

Climate and HIV/AIDS: A hotspots analysis for Early Warning Rapid response System
August 2003 Heat Wave in France
Gnosis GIS (GIS network on snail-borne infections with special reference to Schistosomiasis)
2006 - Downscaling climate information for local disease mapping [63 kb]
2004 - Climate and HIV/AIDS: A hotspots analysis for Early Warning Rapid response System [884 kb]
2001 - Linkages between FAO agroclimatic data resources and the development of GIS models for control of vector-borne diseases [815 kb]
1998 - A geographic information system on the potential distribution and abundance of Fasciola hepatica and F. gigantica in east Africa based on Food and Agriculture Organization databases [587 kb]

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