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Adaptation to Climate Change
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change refers to adaptation as: Article 2 – Objective: “The ultimate objective of this Convention and any related legal instruments that the Conference of the Parties may adopt is to achieve, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention, stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. Such a level should be achieved within a time-frame sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to ensure that food production is not threatened and to enable economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner.”

The knowledge and technology required for adaptation includes understanding the patterns of variability of current and projected climate, seasonal forecasts, hazard impact mitigation methods, land use planning, risk management, and resource management.

Adaptation practices require extensive high quality data and information on climate, and on agricultural, environmental and social systems affected by climate, with a view to carrying out realistic vulnerability assessments and looking towards the near future. Vulnerability assessment observes impacts of variability and changes in mean climate (inter-annual and intra-seasonal variability) on agricultural systems.

FAO and Climate2007, Rome - Adaptation to climate change in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Climate change adaptation requires the use of good agricultural, forestry and fisheries practices to meet changing.... [PDF, 486 kb]
FAO and Climate2006, Accra - Report from UNFCCC Workshop on Adaptation
Summary of the second regional workshop on adaptation which was held for the Africa region in Accra, Ghana. Discussions focused on systematic observation, impact and adaptation assessments, adaptation planning and implementation as well as regional and international cooperation.. [PDF, 219 kb]

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