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Climate data
Global climatic and real-time meteorological stations data from different sources are received under various forms (e.g. hand-written report, formatted and non-formatted text, spreadsheet, ASCII text, spatially interpolated data, etc.).
Data are then stored into a Relational Data Base Management System and, through a user-interface, access is provided to FAO's internal and external users. The data, being used by the Agrometeorology Group and other technical divisions within FAO, by most of National Early Warning Units for Food Security, and in world-wide climate-related studies, represent an essential tool for agrometeorological data analysis and for the FAO crop yield forecasting methodology.

FAO-Rainfall Estimate (RFE)FAO-RainFall Estimate (RFE)
FAO RFE is a new independent method to estimate the rainfall amount, particularly, for certain regions where the coverage of the weather stations is scarce.
Climatic data from the ARTEMIS archive, by product, or by country
FAOClim-NET: Agroclimatic database management system
FAOClim 2.0: World-wide agroclimatic database CD-Rom
Database on food and agriculture for Africa (GIEWS)
2004 - FAO agroclimatic databases and mapping tools [45 kb]
2003 - FAO activities to develop agro-climatic datasets and tools for the needs of irrigation management [142 kb]
2000 - Applications Software developed by FAO for Management of Soils and Crops Data [545 kb]
2000 - ARTEMIS software used by FAO for remotely sensed data [335 kb]
1998 - Gaps in Maps, estimation of missing data in agricultural statistics maps [111 kb]

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