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Agri-environmental hotspots
Agri-environmental hotspots are locations where human activities are detrimental to the sustainability of an ecosystem or the human activities depending on it.
Hotspots are a critical threshold on a continous scale ranging from “natural environment” to “fire points”. If no corrective action is taken, they may gradually evolve into extremely tense socio-economic situations associated with a severe degradation of the natural resources base and food security.

UNEP: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
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to display the atlas on your desktop computer.
Climat et crise rwandaise
Environmental potential and constraints for agricultural production (SOFI 1999)
2004 - Climate and HIV/AIDS: A hotspots analysis for Early Warning Rapid response System [884 kb]
2003 - Guidelines for establishing audits of Agricultural Environmental Hotspots [526 kb]

Hotspots typology

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