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Appendix: Some indicators for the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)

Appendix. Indicators pertaining to the Alliance of Small Island States countries

Country Insularity Index Vuln. Index Pop. density pers/km2 Pop. growth rate * Arable land% GDP capita ('95 US$) Protection cost in % of GNP ** Ext. events
Cape Verde0.23922 96-2142.48-0.649 10400.15VO
Sao Tome and Principe0.218 331502.00-1.26 110001.46  
Bahamas0.352 1120-311.59-0.22 1187002.67 CY
Cuba0.0343 99-1020.43-(0.37)23 13000.13CY DR
Dominica0.19721 1110.05-0.489 24500.17CY
Antigua and Barbuda0.34852 1490.65-0.4818 66001.01CY DR
Saint Kitts and Nevis0.502 77154(0.09)-0.48 2253802.33 CY
Dominican Republic0.0274 161-2701.65-0.4323 34000.04CY
Jamaica0.09421 225-3540.94-0.3219 32000.19CY
Haiti0.06416 257-6321.86-1.0120 10000.07CY EQ DR
Trinidad and Tobago0.071 18251-3700.82-0.30 14121000.21  
Saint Lucia0.25967 2591.28-0.488 40800.82CY VO
Grenada0.35699 2790.41-0.4815 30000.67CY
Saint Vincent& Grenadines0.247 863480.89-0.48 3820600.55 CY VO
Barbados0.226137 606-7120.29-(0.01)77 98000.27CY
Seychelles1.079183 1701.03-0.324 60005.51 
Comoros0.15742 274-8393.07-1.1135 7000.13CY TS
Mauritius0.09652 547-8111.08-0.3254 96000.15CY
Maldives2.1471833 854-27853.44-1.1610 156034.33 
CYprus0.0706 81-1111.25-0.2540 11000 ***0.08EQ
Malta0.438507 1160-14000.63-0.1638 120000.15 
Vanuatu0.1712 14-372.49-1.021 12200.26CY EQ
Solomon Islands0.1933 13-413.21-1.121 25900.20CY VO
Palau3.317123 371.91-0.79NA 50000.69CY
Fiji0.0623 43-761.56-0.518 61001.53CY
Western Samoa0.1418 58-1131.88-0.50 ****19 19000.59CY VO
Cook Islands0.50041 820.90-0.584 30001.03CY
Kiribati1.594180 1131.90-0.790 86018.79CY
Tonga0.58483 1480.38-0.5825 21601.14CY EQ VO
Micronesia 8.7071358 156-3552.75-0.94NA 17000.73CY
Marshall Islands2.043658 3223.51-0.970 16807.24CY
Tuvalu0.923360 3901.34-0.480 80014.14CY
Nauru1.429698 4892.16-0.910 100001.25DR
* 1995-2000 values, and projected 2045-2050 values; medium variant of UN 1996a and UN 1996b if available. Data not available from the mentioned sources were taken from Factbook, 1997. Negative growth rates between brackets.
** From Annex D of CZMS, 1990. Includes, cities, harbors, etc.
*** Weighted average of Greek and Turkish parts of the Island.
**** The data correspond to French Polynesia which is somehow intermediate between the other islands of American Samoa (2.81-0.58) and Wallis and Futuna (1.05-0.58).
For population density the current (1995-2000) and projected (2045-50) values are given. Extreme events are volcanoes (VO), cyclones (CY), drought (DR), earthquakes (EQ) and tsunamis (TS). Strong incidence is indicated by capitals (CY) while small letters stand for a minor impact (cy). Data stem from Factbook (1997); UN 1996a, 1996b and 1997; CZMS 1990 and OFDA 1996.

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