The Climate Change and Bioenergy Unit builds upon the work of the former Environment and Natural Resources and Rural Institutions and Participation Services, with attention focused upon the role of rural institutions in addressing local development issues. This reflects the interest expressed by member countries in Climate change issues related to agriculture (e.g. crops and grasslands, livestock husbandry, forestry and fisheries) and natural resources. The Unit assists its member countries in the mitigation of the impacts of climate variability and climate change and in the development of adaptive capacities regarding the management of agricultural systems and natural resources. This assistance is made available through a variety of approaches, including technical support and capacity building, policy tools, institutional strengthening, guidelines and good practices.

While FAO has been involved with Bioenergy for three decades, the structure of the Unit places a greater emphasis on FAO’s work in Bioenergy for poverty alleviation, food security and climate change mitigation and increases opportunities for cooperation with member countries, other organizations and private-public partnerships. The Unit will continue to serve as a focal point for organizing and facilitating a multidisciplinary and global approach to bioenergy through the mechanisms of the International Bioenergy Platform (IBEP) and the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP). IBEP is expected to provide analysis and information for policy and decision-making support; to build and strengthen institutional capacity at all levels; to enhance access to energy services from sustainable bioenergy systems; and to facilitate opportunities for effective international exchange and collaboration. GBEP’s Secretariat is located at FAO’s Headquarters and is supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea . The GBEP Secretariat will act as the principal coordinator of Partnership communications and activities and will assist international exchanges of know-how and technology, promote supportive policy frameworks and identify ways of fostering investments and removing barriers to the development and implementation of joint projects.

The Unit acts as secretariat for the FAO Interdepartmental Working Groups on Climate Change and on Bioenergy.


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Environment, Climate Change and Bioenergy Division
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