The Land and Water Division aims at enhancing the agricultural productivity and advancing the sustainable use of land and water systems through their improved tenure, management, development and conservation.

The Division works closely with member countries to ensure productive and efficient use of land and water resources in order to meet present and future agriculture demands while ensuring the conservation of the environmental resources. It promotes equitable access to these natural resources with a view to enhancing productivity, livelihoods and ecosystem services. It provides assistance to member nations in developing policies, programmes, best practices and tools in the fields of irrigation and drainage, soil conservation, drought mitigation, land tenure, water rights, access to natural resources, and improvement of land markets.

Integrated land and water management is promoted through the development and improvement of irrigated and rainfed agriculture and through a river basin management approach, paying particular attention to enhancing the quality of the land and water resources and to reducing the impact of extreme climate events.

The Division acts as a knowledge centre for harmonized data and information on land and water resources and their use.

The Division comprises the Water Development and Management Unit and the Land Tenure and Management Unit.


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Land and Water Division (NRL)
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