The Unit is concerned with the productive and sustainable use of land resources through their improved tenure, management, development and conservation, in order to increase food security, alleviate poverty and secure a healthy environment.

It assists member nations in the analysis, design and formulation of policies and projects to improve access to land and other natural resources and increase tenure security. It provides technical assistance and action-oriented research to improve land tenure arrangements and administration of land and other natural resources, enhance access to land through land reforms and land market transactions, adapt land tenure arrangements under common property resource systems to promote rural development, and manage land tenure conflicts.

The Unit is responsible for programmes and activities related to integrated planning and management of land resources, enhancement of land productivity for food production and other social and environmental services of land. It promotes sustainable land use and land development policies, strategies and technologies and the integrated management of soil. The programmes and activities of the unit include the development of participatory approaches; policy advice, perspective studies and technical guidance at global, regional and national levels; supporting inventory and assessment of land resources status and trends; dissemination of appropriate technologies; management practices and decision support systems.


Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06 57051
Cable address: FOODAGRI ROME
Telex: 625852/610181 FAO I
Fax: (+39) 06 570 53152

Land Tenure and Management Unit
Paul Munro-Faure
Tel: (+39) 06 570 56883
E-mail: NRLA-Chief@fao.org

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