The Research and Extension Division, through its Research and Extension Unit, provides advisory and technical services to FAO Members to support an integrated approach to agricultural research, extension, education of rural people and communication for development, in order to respond to the technology, knowledge, human and institutional capacity building and public awareness needs of national development policies and strategies. Work in this area concentrates primarily on supporting and enhancing the capacities of public and private-sector agricultural Research and Extension systems, as well as Education for Rural People and Communication for Development institutions, with special emphasis on Rural radio.

The Division’s activities are focused on establishing strong linkages among researchers, extension managers and advisors, educators, communicators and producers and users of agricultural, rural, environmental and natural resource knowledge and technology as well as building partnerships at the national and international level. The Division also contributes to activities related to capacity building for the safe application of Biotechnology.

The Division acts as a liaison point with the international agriculture research system, including regional Fora and networks, the Consultative Group International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and its International Agricultural Research Centers.

The Research and Extension Division hosts the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR). GFAR is a stakeholder-led initiative that serves as a neutral forum for the discussion of strategic issues in agricultural research for development. It facilitates and promotes cost-effective partnerships and strategic alliances among agricultural research for development stakeholders in their efforts to alleviate poverty, increase food security and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.


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Research and Extension Division
Isabel Alvarez-Fernandez
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