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"Using indicators in planning education for rural people: A practical guide"
November 2007 - Despite the efforts of states and the international community, rural people continue to lag behind in all areas of education and are particularly vulnerable to poverty and hunger. Enrolment rates in rural areas of developing countries remain low, thereby slowing progress towards universal education. The Education for Rural People Partnership Programme aims to close the educational gap between rural and urban areas, and to to broaden access to improve the quality of basic education for rural dwellers.

"Training for rural development in Brazil: Senar"
October 2007 - This book examines the experience of Senar, the "National service for rural apprenticeship", which has been a pioneer in vocational education and training in rural Brazil.

"The reform of higher agricultural education institutions in China"
September 2007 - This book, aimed at policy-makers and people involved in education planning, presents the lessons learned from the reform of higher agricultural education institutions in China.

"Revisiting garden –based learning in basic education"
September 2007 - This publication presents the results of specific evaluations of selected garden-based programmes around the world. It traces the history of garden-based learning describing the philosophy and underlying theoretical framework of the approach.

"Education for rural development Towards new policy responses"
The vast majority of the rural poor depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Therefore rural development faces a key challenge to achieve both poverty reduction and Education for All. Accumulated evidence, as well as development theories, teach us that education is a powerful instrument of economic, social and cultural change.

"Compendium of Experiences of Italian NGOs in Education for Rural People"
This compendium includes summaries of 36 education projects benefiting rural people, identified among the activities of approximately 150 Italian NGOs.

"Education opportunities for hill tribes in Northern Thailand: Implications for sustainable rural development"
This case study, a new publication produced by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, addresses the challenges in developing models of education for the hill tribes of Thailand's northern regions.

"Participatory Curriculum Development study: A training manual"
This training guide seeks to help those engaged in agricultural education and training to identify the stakeholders for their own programs. It explores the reasons and methods for involving these stakeholders in the development of curricula.

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