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"Reaching the hearts and minds. How extension workers in Egypt educated farmers in population and environmental concerns"
Environmental pollution and food insecurity issues have been surfacing in Egypt as a result of rapid population growth. Egypt’s agricultural extension service is working to alleviate problems related to population, environment and production.

"Modernizing national agricultural extension systems: A practical guide for policy-makers of developing countries"
This publication addresses an increasing demand for practical, action-oriented guidelines which policy-makers could use in reforming extension systems.

"Agricultural extension and training needs of farmers in the small island countries. A case study from Samoa"
The objective of this study, conducted in July 2003, was to identify the special agricultural extension and training needs of farmers living in small island countries, using Samoa as a specific case. A participatory rural appraisal approach (PRA) is used to identify farmers' needs in different geographic locations of Samoa.

"Enhancing coordination among AKIS/RD actors. An analytical and comparative review of country studies on agricultural knowledge and information systems for rural development (AKIS/RD)"
This new publication aims to provide a preliminary response to the question: How can developing countries encourage the various systems, organizations and producers concerned with agricultural research, education and extension, and operating in the public or private sector, to behave as one system with regard to the agricultural development component of rural development?

"Facing the challenge of an HIV/AIDS epidemic: agricultural extension services in sub-Saharan Africa"
The very survival of rural human resources development aimed at improving agricultural production, both within the extension organization and among the clientele, is currently at stake due to the HIV/AIDS menace.

"Agricultural extension, rural development and the food security challenge"
The purpose of this publication is to highlight the important role of agricultural and rural extension in the fight against hunger.

"A new extension vision for food security a new extension vision for food security: Challenge to change"
This publication addresses the challenges faced by agricultural extension services in their provision of support to food security initiatives.

"Extension through womens' community development groups: A case study of female extension assistants"
Male migration in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir region of Pakistan has resulted in crop farming and livestock raising and management becoming increasingly women's domain.

"The impact of HIV/AIDS on the different farming sectors in Namibia"
Issued jointly by the University of Namibia and the FAO Regional Office for Africa, This publication provides background to the situation of HIV/AIDS in Namibia. Issues related to the impact of HIV/AIDS on farming, both communal and commercial are reviewed.

"Agricultural and rural extension worldwide: Options for institutional reform in the developing countries"
The initiatives in this publication draw on recent agricultural extension, reform measures introduced in several high-income, middle-income and low-income countries. The focus, however, is on reform measures that promote food security and poverty alleviation among small-holders in low-income countries.

"Participatory environment education and training for sustainable agriculture"
This publication from the Extension group describes FAO's pioneering approach in integrating environment education concerns into agricultural education and training programmes.

"Human resources in agricultural and rural development"
Human resources in agricultural and rural development (HRARD) is an international forum for the exchange of innovative national, regional and global experiences in human resources development and institutional reforms, aimed at promoting sustainable food security, alleviating rural poverty and improving the quality of rural livelihoods through agricultural exension, education and communication.
(Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish)

"Improving agricultural extension - A reference manual"
This new book on Improving Agricultural Extension is the third in a series that was started in 1972. In the first edition of Agricultural Extension: A Reference Manual, Addison H. Maunder authored and edited a wide range of material that first defined "extension" as a field of study and practice. This third volume reflects the continued development of extension within a rapidly changing world.

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