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Author: margherita.sini
Posted: 18 Dec 12 - 05:00 PM
Subject: different levels of inputs/management for agro-climatic yields
One of the GAEZ users is asking the following:

I have a question about how different levels of inputs/management are considered to determined agro-climatic yields.
For agro-edaphic suitability, the documentation files state a clear formula, according to which nutrient availability (nutrient retention capacity) is considered for the low (high) inputs measure.
For the effect of low/high inputs on agro-climatic yield, the only info I have found is that "numerical values of crop parameters are varied depending on the assumed input/management level"; in particular, they give different values to the "harvest index" (yield efficiency) and "maximum leaf area index" (density of plants). Could I possibly get more detailed information about how this parametrization is done for different levels of input/management?
Author: margherita.sini
Posted: 18 Dec 12 - 05:02 PM
Subject: re: different levels of inputs/management for agro-climatic yields
here is the reply from Mr FISCHER Guenther:

Input level plays a role at different stages of the crop assessment and occurs at several places in the model documentation. A short introduction to the interpretation of input levels is in Section 4.2 (p. 37/3 of the online documentation. Below is a list of items where input level matters for crop evaluation and an indication where to find information in the model documentation:

1) Biomass parameters: harvest index and maximum leaf area index (Appendix 4-6)
2) Agro-climatic constraints: Appendix 5-1
3) Soil suitability assessment: Appendix 6-1 to 6-5
4) Terrain slope suitability: Appendix 6-6
5) Fallow requirements: Section 6.8 and Appendix 6-7
6) Production from water-collecting sites: Section 6.9
7) Irrigation suitability: Section 6.1.2, Table 6-1
Total Posts: 2 - Pages (1): [1]
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