GAEZ - Global Agro-Ecological Zones

Administrative level for Metadata is now available (by Region, Sub Region, Income, Country, & Province)

The metadata associated to a map is now available with specific information related to the selected aggregation element: Region, Sub Region, Income, Country, and Province. After having selected the aggregating element, select the Metadata icon to access the tabular or the XML format of the customized metadata elements.

See example at the URL provided below (please login to have access to the different table choices: Region, Sub-region, Income, Country, Province).





Rice terraces. Indonesia. ©FAO/Roberto Faidutti / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Input supply to vulnerable populations under the ISFP. Kenya. ©FAO/Sarah Elliott / FAO
Thermal zones. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Close up of apples, limes, oranges and tomatoes on sale at a local market in Nepal. ©FAO/Giampiero Diana / FAO
Aggregate crop yield in 2000. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Harvesting rice in east Java. Indonesia. H. Null / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Flood recession rice fields. Cambodia. ©FAO/ Giuseppe Bizzarri/ FAO
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