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On 12.12.12, FAO launched Beta Release One of its new unified data platform, with the catchphrase “the foundation for uniting our data”.

This innovative, web-based platform is the first of its kind in FAO to provide users with a single access point to data, pictures, documents and maps on nutrition, food and agriculture gathered from databases across the Organization.

GAEZ is one of the FAO flagship datasets featured in the new platform, supplying thousands of geospatial and tabular products, maps and metadata.

While this foundation release includes only a part of the products currently available in FAO, increasing amounts of data will continue to be linked, with the aim of eventually attaining data harmonization throughout the Organization.  



Rice terraces. Indonesia. ©FAO/Roberto Faidutti / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Input supply to vulnerable populations under the ISFP. Kenya. ©FAO/Sarah Elliott / FAO
Thermal zones. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Close up of apples, limes, oranges and tomatoes on sale at a local market in Nepal. ©FAO/Giampiero Diana / FAO
Aggregate crop yield in 2000. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Harvesting rice in east Java. Indonesia. H. Null / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Flood recession rice fields. Cambodia. ©FAO/ Giuseppe Bizzarri/ FAO
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