November 2007  -  Announcement of a publication

Wood-energy supply/demand scenarios in the context of poverty mapping

A WISDOM case study in Southeast Asia for the years 2000 and 2015

Environment and Natural Resources Working Paper 27

by Rudi Drigo

Current (2000) and projected (2015) woodfuel consumption patterns and supply potentials in continental Southeast Asia are analysed and mapped applying the Woodfuel Integrated Supply/Demand Overview Mapping (WISDOM) methodology. Combined with poverty data, the study helps define areas where poor rural and suburban populations that depend primarily on woodfuels for their subsistence energy supply are likely to suffer severe shortages, adding an indicator to the mapping of extreme poverty and a new tool for poverty alleviation policies and forestry and energy development planning.

Integrating several cartographic layers with multi-source field data provides maps of woody biomass stocking and potential sustainable productivity in 2000 and 2015 at a spatial resolution of less than 1 km. Woody biomass consumption maps matching the resolution of supply maps, coupled with likely population distribution in 2015 and model projections of woodfuel consumption, give future consumption scenarios. Combining these yields balance maps of woodfuel deficit and surplus areas.

This study is a starting point for expanding work in the agro-energy sector, which can benefit from the approach, the GIS analytical environment, the additional thematic layers and the nexus with forestry, energy and poverty alleviation issues.

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