Global Fire Information Management System

Burned Area Data

The MODIS Burned Area Product (MCD45A1) is available from:

  1. the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP-DAAC) using the EOS Data Gateway Web Interface; or
  2. FTP server at the MODIS Active Fires & Burned Area Products website.
    To obtain a username and password for the FTP server, users are required to complete the online request form for statistical purposes.


Download details.
The ftp server ( is maintained by the University of Maryland (, mostly to provide support to the science users who need to download systematically large volumes of data.

The online form allows users to get the account for accessing the ftp. It is required your name, affiliation and a short description of the intended use of the product. A username and password is send to your given e-mail address. Once you have received your username and password you can start retrieving the data either in HDF or GeoTIFF format.

For downloading the data via FTP, you can use your current web browser, such as the FTP extension of Firefox, or Internet Explorer. However we recommend using special FTP software for downloading large amounts of data (FileZilla or SmartFTP), which provide better functionality for the task (scheduling, multiple sources, etc..).

Data Structure of the FTP server
Both data sets HDF and GeoTIFFs are available.

  1. HDF files are organized hierarchically by year and by month. All the data from the same month is located in a directory identified by the year and month as /HDF/YYYY/DDD/ where:
    • YYYY is the year
    • DDD is the julian day of the beginning of the month

For example, the directory /HDF/2001/152 contains all the tiles (named with the convention explained in the user guide in section 3.1 of the user guide) of the product for June 2001.

  1. GeoTIFF files are organized hierarchically by window, and then by year. All the data for the same window from the same year is located in a directory identified as /TIF/WinXX/YYYY/ where:
    • XX is the number of the window (User Guide, figure 2)
    • YYYY is the year

For example, the directory /TIF/Win01/2001 contains all the months of 2001 for window 01 (Alaska).

The download page is available at Get Data. View monthly images in Web Fire Mapper.