Global Fire Information Management System

MODIS Burned Area Product

Mapping the timing and the extent of fires is important as fire is a prominent change agent affecting ecosystem structure, the cycling of carbon and nutrients and is a globally-significant cause of greenhouse gas emission. The availability of robustly calibrated, atmospherically corrected, cloud-screened, geolocated data provided by the latest generation of moderate resolution remote sensing systems allows for major advances in satellite mapping of fire affected area.

A complementary MODIS algorithm defined to map burned areas has been developed and the first global MODIS Burned Area Product is now being generated as part of the MODIS Land Collection 5 Product Suite.

The MODIS Burned Area Product (MCD45A1) is a monthly Level 3 gridded 500m product containing per-pixel burning and quality information, and tile-level metadata. The Burned Area Product (MCD45A1) was developed by the MODIS Fire Team at the University of Maryland and is available in HDF and GeoTIFF format on the MODIS Active Fire and Burned Area Products website. Please also refer to the MODIS Burned Area User Guide, Version 2.0 for further information regarding the algorithm, data formats and how to handle the data with commercial software packages.

Please note:

  • The Burned Area product is available April 2000 onwards;
  • The data for June 2001 is not available due to prolonged sensor outage;
  • Because of the June 2001 outage, the May and July 2001 products are also affected, and some burned areas might not have been detected.

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