Global Fire Information Management System


The Global Fire Information Management System (GFIMS) integrates remote sensing and GIS technologies to deliver MODIS hotspot/fire locations and burned area information to natural resource managers and other stakeholders around the World.

GFIMS is a monitoring system hosted at the Department of Natural Resources (NRD) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This product derives from the Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) developed at the University of Maryland on NASA funds.

GFIMS complements existing near real time information systems that deliver data and services to ongoing monitoring and emergency projects in FAO HQs and field, in other UN organizations, and the general public.

FIRMS MODIS Archive Download Tool
Fire/hotspot observations for your area of interest in shapefile (.shp) and comma-separated text file (.csv) formats can be downloaded at EOSDIS - NASA's Earth Observing System.

GFIMS delivers hotspot/fire information and data through:

  1. Email messages - Global Fire Email Alerts;
  2. Interactive WebGIS - Web Fire Mapper;
  3. Monthly Burned Area images in Web Fire Mapper;
  4. Latest hotspot/fire data downloads (ESRI shape and text files, NASA WorldWind Plugin, Google™ Earth KML, OGC WMS);
  5. Subsets of MODIS images;
  6. Country statistics of historical fires (tables, charts, maps and GIS files).

Click on the graphics below to access the different services:

Open fire alerts Open fire mapper Open data download Open MODIS archive

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