Global Fire Information Management System

MODIS Image Subsets

GFIMS provides MODIS image subsets as an extension of the subsets provided by the MODIS Rapid Response System.

MODIS image subsets are made available on request to users such as protected area managers. Our objective is to provide users with a quick overview of their area - as seen by the MODIS sensor. The JPEG or GeoTIFF images are kept small to enable users with slow or limited Internet access to still get the data. By improving access to these MODIS images we hope to enhance the capabilities of protected area managers to monitor fires and determine the extent of burn.

Please contact us if you would like to request a MODIS subset image for your area of interest.

A subset comprises images that are derived daily from MODIS corrected reflectance products and for a fixed and limited geographic area. These images are delivered to users over the internet, usually in compressed form, which facilitates their rapid transmission. Subsets are typically rendered as a color composite image with the locations of MODIS active fires highlighted.

Data for the MODIS subsets are acquired from the Terra (morning) and Aqua (afternoon) satellites; image subsets are automatically generated in near-real time and are available as true-color, Bands 7-2-1 and NDVI.

Users can also obtain the full suite of MODIS standard land products from the LP DAAC.

Click the link to retrieve the list of currently available subsets.