Global Fire Information Management System

Web Mapping

Open Source version of Web Fire Mapper

GFIMS has developed a mapping application, the Web Fire Mapper, for rapid display and querying of new and archived MODIS active fire/hotspot data. This application is based on Open Source technologies and provides framework and functionalities to:

  • display the most recent or archived hotspots/fires according to user defined filters: time period, data and satellite source;
  • define background image or overlaying layers from a pre-defined list;
  • select specific regions of interest from a customizable list;
  • log the latest database updates.

The WEB fire Mapper is JAVA based and implements PostgreSQL/PostGIS and MapServer engines to deliver its mapping functionalities.

The application provides the most common navigation (zoom in/out and panning) and information (identify) tools to support users in analyzing the area of interest. The next version of the system is going to allow the direct download of fire data that is displayed on the map.

Please use this version of Web Fire Mapper and contact us with questions, comments or feedback.