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SOTER- Global Soil and Terrain Database

Main Objectives:World Soil Resources Map, FAO

1. To provide sound Soil and Terrain Resources Information on a global scale(1:5 Million). Users: Global and Continental models to simulate food production potentials, climatic change, river flow simulation, livestock distribution, research priorities, land constraint and (very) general land management advice.

2. To provide an educational tool to the Soil Science Community.

3. To provide harmonized norms for soil mapping, soil classification, soil analysis and interpretation of soil resources information.

Interim Products
World Soil Resources Map (1:25 Million scale) Download Map 

Report SOTER-based soil parameter estimates for Central Africa - DR of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. Download document

Report World Soil Resources Report # 66
available from

SOTER Manual prepared by ISRIC/UNEP/FAO and IUSS, World Soil Resources Report # 74, download  document in English and French, available as printed copy from

Guidelines for the Qualitative Assessment of Land Resources and Degradation Download document

Soil and Terrain Database for Northeastern Africa (scale 1:1 Million)

Soil and Terrain Database for South America and Caribbean (scale: 1:5 Million)

Soil and Physiographic Database for north and central Eurasia (scale: 1:5 Million)

SOTER Central and Eastern Europe (scale 1:2.5 Million)

SOTER Southern Africa (scale 1:2.5 Million)

SOTER Nepal SOTER Western Europe (scale 1:5 Million)


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