Land Resources

National assessment

The national assessment is based on nationally available datasets and national expert knowledge, organized on two main legs:

•a nationally refined version of the Land Use Systems map (LUS)

•a questionnaire on land degradation

The national LUS map is realized following the same principles and guidelines than the global one, through a collection and analysis of locally available data and information, their processing in order to make them compatible with international standards and their comparison with the results of the global studies.

The national LUS map constitutes the cartographic base for the assessment of land degradation National expert knowledge will be applied to characterize the base map with land degradation and land management characteristics at sub-national level. A specific mapping tool, in the form of a questionnaire, has been prepared by the project in collaboration with the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT).

The utilization of this tool allows applying the national knowledge in a more consistent and comparable way within a country and among the different countries As a part of the intervention at country level, best practices reports are being prepared in each LADA country to identify land degradation issues and employ lessons learned in land degradation control. The development of land degradation monitoring systems is also technically supported by the project.