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November 2009
104. Advances in the assessment and monitoring of salinization and status of biosaline agriculture
Report of an expert consultation held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26-29 November 2007

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March 2006
103. World reference base for soil resources 2006 - A framework for international classification, correlation and communication, 2006

The first official version of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) was released at the 16th World Congress of Soil Science at Montpellier in 1998. At the same event, it was also endorsed and adopted as the system for soil correlation and international communication of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS. After eight years of intensive worldwide testing and data collection, the current stateof-the-art of the WRB is presented. This publication reflects the valuable work of the authors of the earlier drafts and the first version of the WRB, as well as the experiences and contributions of many soil scientists who participated in the work of the IUSS Working Group on the WRB. Globalization and global environmental issues necessitate harmonization and correlation of technical languages, such as the one used in soil science.

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