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Data Format

The data are provided as ASCII files in a grid format (An easy way to download them is to click the data link with your right mouse button and choose "Save As..."). They consist of header information containing a set of keywords, followed by cell values in row-major order. The file format is

XLLCENTER xxx | xllcorner xxx>
YLLCENTER xxx | yllcorner xxx>
row 1
row 2
row n

where xxx is a number. Row 1 of the data is at the top of the grid, row 2 is just under row 1 and so on. The end of each row of data from the grid is terminated with a carriage return in the file. The grid is defined in the header information with the following keywords:

NCOLS: number of columns
NROWS: number of rows
XLLCENTER: x-coordinate of lower left centre
YLLCENTER: y-coordinate of lower left centre
CELLSIZE: grid cell size
NODATA_VALUE: The value assigned to nodata information
Geographical details
Spatial coverage: Global
Grid cell size: 5 minutes or 30 arc seconds


Geographic coordinate system (Longitude, latitude)
Units: Decimal degrees
Datum: WGS84

Data format Information

Data Format Information