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Guidelines for constructing small-scale map legends using the World Reference Base for Soil Resources, January 2010 - Addendum to the World Reference Base for Soil Resources

World reference base for soil resources 2006 - First update 2007
( World soils resources report No.103)

World reference base for soil resources 2006    
(World soils resources report No. 103)
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- German version
- Polish version
- Russian version

Quatorzième Réunion du Sous-comité Ouest et Centre Africain de Corrélation des Sols pour la Mise en Valeur des Terres
(World soil resources reports No. 98)

Lecture Notes on Major Soils of the World
(World soil resources reports No. 94)

World Reference Base for Soil Resources
(World soil resources reports No. 84)
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World Reference Base for Soil Resources: Introduction

The introduction to the WRB aims to serve as a first entry into the knowledge of soil diversity and soil distribution, accessible to disciplines other than Soil Science sensu strictu and to a wider public. The salient features of the 30 Reference Soil Groups are discussed by briefly highlighting history, connotation, correlation with other systems of soil classification, concept and morphology, properties, geography, linkages, land use and management. The link to the real world is made by providing for each Reference Soil Group typical colour pictures as well as typical landscapes in which these soils are commonly occurring.

World Reference Base for Soil Resources: Atlas
The Atlas depicts the world distribution of the 30 Reference Soil Groups of WRB, indicating briefly the mode of formation, soil profile features, the environment in which they form and landforms upon which they occur. A brief description and distinct picture of a representative profile is given for each reference soil group, together with the analytical data required for correct identification. The maps have been compiled from the geographical database of the digital Soil Map of the World, released by FAO (1995) using the terminology of WRB.

Topsoil characterization for sustainable land management with Annex A (Topsoil) Annex B (examples).
Although soil classification in general tends to ignore or downplay the diversity of topsoil characteristics, these are known to determine to a large extent the inherent soil qualities. A draft proposal developed some time back is put on this sit to allow for comments, criticism and suggestions. Note the inclusion of several examples of WRB classified profiles in Annex B.

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