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Land Management

The Land Tenure and Management Unit undertakes the following activities in land information and assessment:

  • Promotes the development of cost-effective methods for land and soil survey and classification including testing and identification of soil deficiencies, criteria and methods for assessment of land degradation and monitoring trends.
  • Provides documentation, information and technical guidance for the assessment, management and conservation of soil resources including physical, chemical and biological attributes.
  • Promotes the development and harmonisation of land evaluation methodology, land use analysis, land degradation assessments, agro-ecological zoning, indicators of land quality and criteria for monitoring land use systems and works towards their application through participatory land use planning approaches.
  • Promotes soil and land use classification and correlation methodologies. Maintains a database and web-based information system on land resources and land use at national and regional level for comparative studies and analysis.


 -  Soil Resources Mapping and Classification

Land Evaluation:

 -  Global Agro-ecological Assessment for Agriculture in the 21st Century

 -  Land evaluation for development

 -  An international framework for evaluating sustainable land management

 -  A framework for land evaluation

 -  Guidelines for the qualitative assessment of land resources and degradation

Land Degradation:

 -  LADA - Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands

 -  GLASOD - National Soil Degradation Maps

Land Use:

 -  Agro-MAPS

Country Information:

 -  Gateway to National Information on Land, Water and Plant Nutrition

 -  Terrastat

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