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Land Assessment

The Land Tenure and Management Unit undertakes the following activities in land resources, management and use:

  • Advises governments in formulation and implementation of appropriate land use, land management.
  • Advises on strategies for soil conservation, integrated land management and on the dissemination and promotion of soil and water conservation technologies.
  • Co-operates with UN and specialised agencies, international and national bodies, non-governmental organisations and private sector to support sustainable and productive land use and land management practices.
  • Contributes to the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Rio Conventions and assists member countries in the preparation of National Action Plans.
  • Promotes transfer of technologies in soil and moisture management, particularly in the adoption of appropriate tillage systems for sustainable soil resource management and increased production.
  • Provides guidance and technical assistance to member countries in assessment, management, rehabilitation and reclamation of degraded and problem soils.
  • Supports member countries in the formulation and implementation of land management, soil conservation programmes including SPFS, SFI and emergency and relief operations.

Systems Approaches in Agro-ecosystems:

 -  AEZ - Agro-ecological Zones Information

 -  Soil Carbon Sequestration

Sustainable Land Management:

 -  Land Use

 -  WOCAT - World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies

 -  Conservation Agriculture

 -  Organic Agriculture

 -  Land-Water Linkages in Rural Watersheds

Soil Health and Biology:

 -  Problem Soils

 -  Soil Biodiversity Portal

Decision Support Tools & Land-use Planning:

 -  Our Land, Our Future

 -  How good the Earth?

 -  Choyez la Terre: Aménagement des Sols pour une Agriculture Durable et la Protection de l’Environnement sous les Tropiques

 -  Planning for sustainable use of land resources

 -  The Future of Our Land


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