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On-line Databases

 -  Metadata listings for geo-referenced databases on crop-production and land-use statistics
 -  ProSoil - Problem Soils
 -  TERRASTATLand resource potential and constraints statistics
 -  WOCAT - Database suite

Special Topic Sites

 -  AEZ - Agro-Ecological Zoning System
 -  ECOCROP I - Crop Information Database (Enviromental Adaptability Info)
 -  ECOCROP II - Crop Information Database  (Environmental Response Info)
 -  GAEZ - Global Agro-ecological Zoning
 -  Land Degradation Assessment for Drylands (LADA)
 -  Land-water Linkages in Rural Watersheds
 -  MCDA - Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
 -  Participatory Training and Extension in Farmers’ Water Management
 -  SDBM - Multi-Lingual Soil Database
 -  Soil Carbon Sequestration
 -  WCA infoNET

 -  WORLD-SOTER - Global Soil and Terrain Database
 -  WOCAT - World Overview on Conservation Approaches and Technologies
 -  World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) 

Related Sites

 -  Land and Water Digital Media Series
 -  Land and Water Resources Information System - Related Documents
 -  Land and Water Training Resources
 -  FAOLEX - Database on legislation on food and agriculture


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