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GeoNetwork is a digital library enabling you to find and access geospatial information. It allows data providers to systematically describe both their data and distribution services. A catalogue of data and distribution services can then be
Paddy field in an area protected from flooding by a dyke; Nyaungdone Island, Ayeyarwady Delta, October 1997, J. Martinez-Beltran, FAO/NRL
published through the internet for use by anyone looking for geospatial information and they may be able to access it from a data distribution service listed in the catalogue. On-the-fly data conversion and re-projection have made direct data access from a distribution service a viable option for those with good Internet access. By providing a catalogue for data and distribution services and facilities to exchange information with other catalogues as part of a network, GeoNetwork helps to organize and share geospatial information within and between the interoperable, spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) that many states are building.

Selected maps for Myanmar and the surrounding area are listed below.

Contact Patrizia Monteduro (NRCE) for more information.

Maps from GeoNetwork

Metadata records specifically for Myanmar
Sub-National Administrative Units of Myanmar (2001)
Monthly Average Agroclimatic Data and derived Growing Season Characteristics from stations in Myanmar (2005)
Agroclimatic Stations (2005)
Metarecords for East Asia and Pacific Region
Land Use Systems of the World - East Asia and Pacific (2008)
ORNL Land cover of East Asia Pacific (2001)
Major environmental constraints of East Asia Pacific (2001)
NOAA Satellite image of East Asia Pacific (2001)
Irrigation intensity in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Total population in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Rural population in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Elevation in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Average precipitation of East Asia Pacific (2001)
Average temperature in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Length of growing period in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Slope of East Asia Pacific (2001)
Major farming systems of East Asia Pacific (2001)
Permanent crop and arable land in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Small ruminant density in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Bovine density in East Asia Pacific (2001)
Pig density in East Asia Pacific (2001)

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