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Strengthening the role of advisory services in agricultural development (partnership with GFRAS)

The Global Forum of Rural  Advisory Services (GFRAS) is based in Switzerland and provides a platform to promote interaction and learning among the diverse stakeholders involved in rural advisory services (RAS), also called extension. Launched in 2010 and hosted ever since by the Swiss Association for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas (Agridea), GFRAS helps regional actors to present their perspectives in the global development arena, as well as providing a mechanism for global perspectives to reach the regional levels. This two-way flow strengthens the role of advisory services in agricultural development with the goal of reducing hunger and poverty.


FAO has been one of the founding member of the GFRAS and since 2010, when GFRAS was born, there has been a very close and fruitful collaboration. On February 19 2014, the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) that provided a more institutionalized framework for their joint efforts. 

Both GRAS and FAO support the diffusion of pluralistic and demand-led advisory systems in an innovation concept framework  and  provide advocacy and leadership on policies, strategies, and capacity development in order to achieve relevant, efficient and effective rural advisory services. Their shared goal is to see rural advisory services providing a relevant contribution to the increase of agricultural productivity and the eradication of poverty and hunger worldwide. 

What is agriculture innovation in family farming?

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