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Capacity development of Inclusive Agriculture Innovation Systems

The creation of an enabling environment where the needs and demands of resource-poor farmers and consumers are heard and their voices influence the national research and extension agenda is a key to achieve sustainable rural development. The Research and Extension Unit develops the capacities in FAO member countries to use the Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) concept in shaping their institutions and their policies.

Why is it important?

The traditional role of research and extension are changing as there is a need to shift from a research driven process that simply relies on technology transfer to a mechanism enabling and rewarding innovation. Innovation should become a process of generating, accessing and putting knowledge into use in which stakeholders learn and innovate together managing the benefits and the risks. The alignment of development policies and resource allocation, the reshaping of research and extension institutions, the inclusion of civil society actors as well as the interactions between all actors and players and the interactive learning processes as a means of evolving new arrangements specific to local contexts become therefore pivotal to this process.


What is agriculture innovation in family farming?

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