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Jan 2002
This comprehensive report includes an overview and analysis of all public and private extension service providers, a targeted strategy to enhance co-ordination and collaboration between both public and private extension providers.

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Nov 2001
This study provides an overview of the theoretical discussions about the changing balance between public and private goods and roles in research and extension as related to the agricultural knowledge system. These discussions are used for an analysis of developments in The Netherlands.

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May 2001
What can you show employees if you can't show them the money? The answer sounds almost simple-minded: Improved job performance and satisfaction. The poor performance of African national extension systems is often linked to the low educational level and dwindling motivational levels of most frontline extension personnel.

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Mar 2001
The management practices necessary for effective operation of extension services in Central and Eastern Europe have been reviewed. The difference in operational requirements between public extension and commercial consultancy services has been recognised. Then factors influencing the setting of clear aim, importance of stakeholders involvement in the preparation and operation of business plans, etc.

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Jan 2001
This publication from the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) addresses the experiences of a training programme for disabled farmers in the poor north eastern region of Thailand.

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