Investigación & extensión

Selvaraju Ramasamy


Leading FAO’s efforts in Agricultural Research and Extension; strengthening of Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS); improving the agricultural extension and advisory services (EAS), knowledge sharing and out-reach of innovative agricultural technologies and practices for sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems; capacity development; partnership with International Research and Forums of Extension and Advisory Services.

Abdoulaye Saley Moussa

Agricultural Research Officer

Integrated agricultural research for development, agricultural innovation systems, participatory action research, capacity development for agricultural innovation systems, climate change adaptation

Nevena Alexandrova-Stefanova

Agricultural Extension Officer (Systems)

Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar

Agricultural Extension Officer

Agricultural innovation systems, institutional capacity development, extension and farming systems, research and extension linkages, and farmers' participatory approaches

Raffaella Piluso

Office Assistant

Charlotte Lietaer

Office Assistant

Administration, budget, revision of TECA technologies, moderation of TECA Beekeeping Exchange Group

Catherine Letocart

Office Assistant

Administration and budget revision of AGDR projects

John Ruane

Provision of science-based knowledge on application of biotechnologies in crops, fisheries, forestry and livestock

Per Rudebjer


Sonia Ricardo Dias

Senior Management Specialist

Manuela Bucciarelli

Capacity development and monitoring specialist

Ilka Gomez-Piñeda

Project Operations Specialist

Zofia Krystyna Mroczek

Extension and Advisory Service System Specialist

Giulia Palestini


Petra Staberg

Communication Specialist, Web Consultant

Nedaa Amraish

Junior Knowledge Management Specialist

TECA assistance (, agricultural innovation systems, extension and advisory services, and quality control.

Tessa Adamson

Agricultural Innovation Specialist

Matheus Lima

Intern for the Tropical Agriculture Platform

Mounia Barakat

Intern TECA

¿Qué es la innovación agrícola en la agricultura familiar?


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