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Christian Grovermann
Impact assessment, adoption of agricultural innovations, farming systems, agri-environmental policy

Magdalena Blum
Reform policies, institutional change, networking and capacity building for extension systems, assessments of and investments in extension, women and farmers' empowerment

Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar
Agricultural Innovation systems, institutional capacity development, extension and farming systems, research and extension linkages, and farmers' participatory approaches

Karin Nichterlein
Agricultural innovation systems, agricultural research policy and institutional capacity building, including biotechnology and biosafety, information communication technologies in research and extension

John Ruane
Provision of science-based knowledge on application of biotechnologies in crops, fisheries, forestry and livestock


Cecilia Agyeman-Anane
Clerk Typist


Charlotte Lietaer
Budget Clerk

Catherine Letocart


What is agriculture innovation in family farming?

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FAO - Research & Extension Unit
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