Sustainability Pathways

2013 Events

From: 15 Jan 2013 To: 17 Jan 2013

International Water Summit 2013

Location: Abu Dhabi, ARE
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions
From: 22 Jan 2013 To: 23 Jan 2013

Sustainable Foods Summit

Location: San Fransisco, USA
Organizer: Organic Monitor
From: 13 Feb 2013 To: 16 Feb 2013

BioFach 2013

Location: Nuremberg, DEU
Organizer: Nuremberg Messe
From: 5 Mar 2013 To: 5 Mar 2013

Waste Not, Want Not - Reducing Food Waste in Europe

Location: Brussels, BEL
Organizer: Forum Europe
From: 20 Mar 2013 To: 22 Mar 2013

ADVANCING THE POST-2015 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA Reconfirming Rights – Recognising Limits – Redefining Goals

Location: Bonn, DEU
Organizer: Berlin Civil Society Center
From: 4 Apr 2013 To: 5 Apr 2013

2nd Annual Conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP)

Location: Paris, FRA
Organizer: Green Growth Institute, OECD, UNEP, The World Bank
From: 9 Apr 2013 To: 11 Apr 2013

Sustainable Food Lab Annual Summit

Location: Annapolis, USA
Organizer: The Sustainable Food Lab and SAI Platform
From: 8 May 2013 To: 10 May 2013

ISSP Conference 2013

Location: Chicago, USA
Organizer: ISSP
From: 22 May 2013 To: 24 May 2013

Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting

Location: Amsterdam, NLD
Organizer: GRI
From: 6 Jun 2013 To: 7 Jun 2013

Sustainable Foods Summit

Location: Amsterdam, NLD
Organizer: Organic Monitor
From: 6 Jun 2013 To: 9 Jun 2013

ACSEE 2013 Sustainability, Society and the Environment: Searching for Synergies

Location: Osaka, JPN
Organizer: International Academic Forum
From: 10 Jun 2013 To: 11 Jun 2013

Workshop on Voluntary Standards for Sustainable Food Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

Location: Rome, ITA
Organizer: FAO, UNEP
From: 11 Jun 2013 To: 13 Jun 2013

ISEAL's 2013 Conference: Impacts & Innovation

Location: London, GBR
Organizer: ISEAL
From: 1 Jul 2013 To: 3 Jul 2013

19th annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference (ISDRC19)

Location: Stellenbosch, Cape Town, ZAF
Organizer: International Sustainable Development Research Society
From: 8 Jul 2013 To: 12 Jul 2013

Forum on Wetlands for Livelihoods

Location: Kigali, RWA
Organizer: UNESCO - Institute for Water Education and Rwanda's Environmental Management Authority
From: 8 Jul 2013 To: 11 Jul 2013

Joint Meeting of the Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management and Pacific Climate Change Roundtable

Location: Nadi, FJI
Organizer: Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
From: 16 Jul 2013 To: 17 Jul 2013

First Meeting of Experts on Long-term Finance

Location: Manila, PHL
Organizer: UNFCCC Secretariat
From: 22 Jul 2013 To: 26 Jul 2013

Living Soil Forum

Location: Järna, SWE
Organizer: FAO, UNCCD
From: 20 Aug 2013 To: 21 Aug 2013

High-Level International Conference on Water Cooperation

Location: Dushanbe, TJK
Organizer: HLIC Secretariat
From: 20 Aug 2013 To: 21 Aug 2013

First Africa Food Security Conference

Location: Nairobi, KEN
Organizer: UNEP, FAO
From: 26 Aug 2013 To: 30 Aug 2013

Sixth International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference

Location: Bali, IDN
Organizer: ICRAF and CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry
From: 1 Sep 2013 To: 6 Sep 2013

World Water Week 2013

Location: Stockholm, SWE
Organizer: SIWI
From: 9 Sep 2013 To: 13 Sep 2013

Global Ocean Action Summit

Location: The Hague, NLD
Organizer: Government of the Netherlands and the World Bank
From: 10 Sep 2013 To: 14 Sep 2013

First CIGR Inter-Regional Conference on Land and Water Challenges

Location: Bari, ITA
Organizer: International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineeringnd the CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute
From: 11 Sep 2013 To: 11 Sep 2013

Food wastage Footprint; Impacts on naural ressources- Joint FAO/UNEP Press Conference

Location: FAO, Roma, ITA
Organizer: FAO
From: 17 Sep 2013 To: 20 Sep 2013

Fourth Mountain Partnership Global Meeting

Location: TUR
Organizer: Mountain Partnership
From: 17 Sep 2013 To: 19 Sep 2013

1st International Conference: Integral Green Economy For a Better World

Location: Rectorate of the University of Maribor, Maribor, SVN
Organizer: Biotechnical Center Naklo
From: 19 Sep 2013 To: 19 Sep 2013

Symposium on the Global Environmental Impact of Food Waste

Location: Grand Yatt New York 109 East 42nd Street, New York, USA
Organizer: UNEP and partners
From: 19 Sep 2013 To: 24 Sep 2013

Food Waste Awareness Week New York City

Location: New York, NY, USA
Organizer: Feeding the 5000, Food Tank, UNEP and many other partners
From: 21 Sep 2013 To: 21 Sep 2013

Ministerial Conference on Water for Food Crops and Food Security to Address Climate Change and Drought through the ITPGR

Location: Muscat, OMN
Organizer: ITPGR Secretariat
From: 22 Sep 2013 To: 27 Sep 2013

8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

Location: Dubrovnik, HRV
Organizer: SDEWES Centre
From: 23 Sep 2013 To: 25 Sep 2013

CGIAR Science Forum: Nutrition and Health Outcomes: Targets for Agricultural Research

Location: Bonn, DEU
Organizer: CGIAR Science Forum
From: 25 Sep 2013 To: 27 Sep 2013

Ecocity World Summit

Location: Nantes, FRA
Organizer: Ecocity Builders
From: 26 Sep 2013 To: 28 Sep 2013

International Symposium on Sustainable Cities: Empowering Local Governments through Capacity Building

Location: Incheon, KOR
Organizer: UNOSD
From: 6 Oct 2013 To: 9 Oct 2013

World Resources Forum 2013

Location: Davos, CHE
Organizer: World Resources Forum Secretariat
From: 16 Oct 2013 To: 16 Oct 2013

World Food Day: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition

Location: global,
From: 27 Oct 2013 To: 31 Oct 2013

Second Global Soil Week 2013

Location: Berlin, DEU
Organizer: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
From: 11 Nov 2013 To: 13 Nov 2013

2013 Textile Sustainability Conference

Location: Istanbul, TUR
Organizer: Textile Exchange
From: 11 Nov 2013 To: 22 Nov 2013

19th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC

Location: Warsaw, POL
Organizer: UNFCCC Secretariat
From: 16 Nov 2013 To: 17 Nov 2013

Global Landscapes Forum

Location: Warsaw, POL
Organizer: CIFOR and CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
From: 26 Nov 2013 To: 26 Nov 2013

Beefing up sustainability: A seminar on the environmental and economic sustainability of beef

Location: Renaissance Hotel, Brussels, BEL
Organizer: Forum Europe
From: 5 Dec 2013 To: 6 Dec 2013

Conference: True-Cost Accounting in Food and Farming

Location: The Royal Geographical Society, London, GBR
Organizer: Sustainable Food Trust
From: 5 Dec 2013 To: 6 Dec 2013

Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum: How to unlock investment in support of green growth?

Location: OECD Conference Center, Paris, FRA
Organizer: OECD