Les Chemins de la durabilité

2016 Events

From: 12 Jan 2016 To: 13 Jan 2016

Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry 2016

Location: Madrid, ESP
Organizer: European Networking Group Spain S.L.
From: 14 Jan 2016 To: 16 Jan 2016

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture

Location: Berlin, DEU
Organizer: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
From: 10 Feb 2016 To: 13 Feb 2016

Biofach 2016

Location: Nuremberg, DEU
Organizer: Vivaness - Biofach
From: 9 Mar 2016 To: 11 Mar 2016

International Workshop: Food Waste Valorization, Technical and Legal Challenges

Location: Montreux, CHE
Organizer: EPTES Technologies
From: 21 Mar 2016 To: 22 Mar 2016

Payment for Ecosystem Services: Ecosystem Services for Nature and the Population Wellbeing

Location: Agadir, MAR
Organizer: Projet Economie Circulaire
From: 7 Apr 2016 To: 8 Apr 2016

Better Policies to Achieve a Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Global Food System

Location: Paris, FRA
Organizer: OECD Committee for Agriculture
From: 11 Apr 2016 To: 11 Apr 2016

Sustainability Standards Essentials Training Workshop (Geneva)

Location: Geneva, CHE
Organizer: ISEAL Alliance
From: 14 Apr 2016 To: 17 Apr 2016

The True Cost of American Food

Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Organizer: Sustainable Food Trust
From: 15 Apr 2016 To: 17 Apr 2016

Green Festival

Location: New york, USA
Organizer: Green Festival Expo - Green America
From: 1 May 2016 To: 4 May 2016


Location: San Francisco, USA
Organizer: Sustainatopia
From: 2 May 2016 To: 4 May 2016

Jump-starting the SDGs in Germany: Natural Resources and Sustainable Consumption and Production

Location: Berlin, DEU
Organizer: IASS Potsdam - Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
From: 4 May 2016 To: 5 May 2016

Ceres Conference 2016

Location: Boston,MA, USA
Organizer: Ceres organization
From: 11 May 2016 To: 12 May 2016

Global Sustainability Standards Conference - Growing Impacts: Innovation and Evolution

Location: Washington, USA
Organizer: ISEAL Alliance
From: 23 May 2016 To: 27 May 2016

2nd UN Environment Assembly

Location: Nairobi, KEN
Organizer: United Nations and TEEBAgrifood
From: 6 Jun 2016 To: 7 Jun 2016

Global Green Growth Forum

Location: Copenhagen, DNK
Organizer: 3 Green Forum
From: 8 Jun 2016 To: 9 Jun 2016

Workshop on: Sustainable Value Chains for Sustainable Food Systems

Location: Rome, ITA
Organizer: FAO-UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme
From: 9 Jun 2016 To: 10 Jun 2016

Sustainable Foods Summit

Location: Amsterdam, NLD
Organizer: Organic Monitor
From: 15 Jun 2016 To: 16 Jun 2016

EU Development Days - Sustainable Development Goals in Action: Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future

Location: Brussels, BEL
Organizer: European Commission
From: 23 Jun 2016 To: 24 Jun 2016

18th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Forestry

Location: London, GBR
Organizer: World Academy of Science
From: 26 Jun 2016 To: 29 Jun 2016

ISEE2016 Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

Location: Washington, USA
Organizer: Internation Society for Ecological Economics
From: 7 Jul 2016 To: 9 Jul 2016

The International Conference on Inventions and Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture 2016

Location: Hua Hin, THA
Organizer: Silpakorn University, Walailak University and Chonnam National University’s Institute of Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture
From: 22 Aug 2016 To: 23 Aug 2016

18th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Forestry

Location: Paris, FRA
Organizer: World Academy of Science
From: 28 Aug 2016 To: 1 Sep 2016

Agroecology for Sustainable Food System

Location: Kunming Yunnan, CHN
Organizer: FAO and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
From: 30 Aug 2016 To: 2 Sep 2016

4th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability

Location: Amsterdam, NLD
Organizer: Amsterdam University
From: 1 Sep 2016 To: 10 Sep 2016

IUCN World Conservation Congress

Location: Hawaii, USA
Organizer: International Union for Conservation of Nature
From: 6 Sep 2016 To: 7 Sep 2016

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Conference 2016

Location: Jeju Island, KOR
Organizer: Global Green Growth Institute
From: 19 Sep 2016 To: 21 Sep 2016

2nd Canadian Organic Science Conference

Location: Montréal-Longueuil, CAN
Organizer: IRDA - Université Laval
From: 1 Oct 2016 To: 30 Oct 2016

Utilization of Food Loss and Waste as well as Non-Food Parts as Livestock Feed

Location: E-conference,
Organizer: FAO
From: 3 Oct 2016 To: 7 Oct 2016

2016 Textile Sustainability Conference : Growing Preferred Fiber and Materials

Location: Hamburg, DEU
Organizer: Textile Exchange
From: 14 Oct 2016 To: 14 Oct 2016

Democratizing Food Governance

Location: Rome, ITA
Organizer: The American University of Rome
From: 20 Oct 2016 To: 22 Oct 2016

Joint Session on Low Carbon Economic Dynamics and Technological Pathways

Location: Milan, ITA
Organizer: Società Italiana degli Economisti

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