Sustainability Pathways

African Alliance for Improved Food Processing

Type of practice Reduce
Name of practice African Alliance for Improved Food Processing
Name of main actor TechnoServe
Type of actor(s) Company
Location Tanzania
Stage of implementation Processing
Year of implementation 2010
What was/is being done? The AAIFP, a USAID-funded project, is designed to assist the transformation of the food processing sector in African countries. The Alliance offers technical support and training to improve the business performance of food processing firms and increase availability of high quality nutritious and safe foods for local populations, including the most vulnerable. Other global food companies and food industry associations will be mobilized to build local capacity under AAIFP Associate Awards. Local food processors and sector entities are supported to improve business practices and meet food safety and quality standards. Alliance engagement with food processors will result in expanded market access for smallholder farmers, producer organizations, traders and other bus inesses. The Alliance directly increases the availability of nutritious foods such as ready-to-use therapeutic food and other products targeted to vulnerable populations.
Outcomes and impacts This type of operation strengthens the beginning of the supply chain and creates shorter chains which can serve to reduce food losses in developing countries, therefore improving food security and lowering environmental impact.