Sustainability Pathways

A farmers’ market clients

Type of practice Reuse for food
Name of practice A farmers’ market clients
Name of main actor Farmer's market clients
Type of actor(s) Farmers, Consumers
Location Australia
Stage of implementation Retail
What was/is being done? Shoppers at farmers’ markets in Australia affirm that they waste less of what they buy there because the produce seem to be fresher and to last a lot longer, meaning that less is thrown-out. They also say that the general quality of farmers’ market produce is higher so, for example, they chop out less green or brown parts from the farmers’ market potatoes than f rom the supermarket ones. So, while the gross price per kilogram might be higher at farmer’s markets, the net (usable) price is much closer, or even lower. Farmers’ market clients also appreciate the taste of produce more that its look, while aesthetics are key for supermarket shoppers.
Outcomes and impacts Shorter producer/consumer chains lower the food environmental impact and allow more products (even if they aren't perfectly shaped) to reach the market.