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SAFA Smallholders App 2.0.0

FAO is pleased to announce that a new product in the SAFA series was developed for smallholders: SAFA Smallholders App. This project was kindly funded by Germany and developed in collaboration with the Committee on Sustainability Assessments (COSA), Grameen Foundation and Soil & More.

This product is developed at the request of practitioners in order to further support the applicability and implementation of the SAFA Guidelines. This includes the development of a set of 44 indicators that are both highly relevant and practical to smallholder farmers, as well as an application for conducting assessments through smart phones and tablets.

COSA’s experience with agricultural sustainability assessment was the basis for adapting SAFA for smallholders by developing appropriate indicators and providing methodological guidance for data collection and analysis. In addition to contributing to the refinement of the indicators, the Grameen Foundation used its networks and existing experience with mobile technological development programmes at the community level to provide feedback and field testing of the SAFA Smallholders; field testing has been performed in Colombia and Kenya, with over 439 farmers. Finally, Soil & More developed the SAFA Small mobile application.

The SAFA Smallholders App version 2.0.0 and User's Manual are downloadable from Google Store as well as from here.

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